I swear I look good

Jan Buschtöns

yes, that's an umlaut

Hey there! My name is Jan Buschtöns.

Thanks for stopping by. I am old and live in Frankfurt am Main.

I work as a Frontend Architect and Ember.js expert at Clark Germany.

I'm a native German speaker and speak English fluently & relatively accent-free.

I am not looking for a new job, as I am very happily employed. However, you can still get in touch with me for Open Source and non-profit projects.

Do you know Ember.js and want to get an awesome job? Get in touch with me immediately and join our awesome team at Clark Germany!

You can drop me a letter at [email protected]. And you can also find me on GitHub, Twitter, StackOverflow, Facebook, Instagram and last.fm and probably on some more sites.

Thanks for reading!