I swear I look good

Jan Buschtöns

yes, that's an umlaut

Hey there! My name is Jan Buschtöns.

Thanks for stopping by. I am old and live in Herne, right in the heart of the beautiful Ruhrgebiet.

I study applied computer sciences at Ruhr-University Bochum with a focus on machine learning & artificial neural networks, automation and image processing.

I spend most of my spare time on web enginnering. Really fun stuff! I dare say that I'm quite proficient with these technologies and frameworks:

I also have a good grip on Git version control, Java, PHP and C/++. And I'm really good with managing Linux servers. Recently I also ventured into the world of containerization and composable micro-services with the help of Docker and CoreOS.
I'm also quite alright with Adobe CC Illustrator and Photoshop.

I'm a native German speaker and speak English fluently & relatively accent-free. I'm also learning Dutch. In school I did learn French and Spanish, but please don't interview me in any of these two languages.

Do I sound interesting to you? Hire me!
I'm always open for consulting jobs, freelance work and internships.

You can drop me a letter at [email protected]. And you can also find me on GitHub, StackOverflow, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and last.fm and probably on some more sites.

Oh, and I'm the head of a small gaming community, that's currently a work-in-progress project — so don't expect anything too fancy yet.

Thanks for reading!